Free Code-X giveaway for FileMaker Developers

Greetings fellow FileMaker developers ... Yes, you heard correctly, we have teamed up with popular FileMaker developer website FileMaker Today and as a result we are giving away Code-X licenses for free for a very limited time. Code-X normally sells for AU$450, however we're giving it away for free this holiday season. All you need to do is head on over to our Code-X page and fill out the form we have provided. Oh, and if you have a blog or website of your own we would love it if you could link back to our website, or even sharing our website on social media will be [...]

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CalendarBOX 2.0 released

Hi there, We've just released CalendarBOX version 2.0. CalendarBOX is a FileMaker Developer Tool that lets developers add a date picker to their solutions. You can add a single date picker or a date range date picker. Whats new in this version? New modern and clean interface. Simplified the installation process - now you simply copy the file over to your solution folder - that's it. Simplified the scripting process - not its much easier to connect to your solution. Fixed up some issues where 'Close' and 'Today' buttons did not close the date picker. Rewrote a bunch of code to [...]

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BookingPOINT FileMaker 15 incompatibility

UPDATE [June 11 2017]: BookingPOINT is now compatible with FileMaker 15 and 16. More information: Introducing BookingPOINT 6.0 Release notes: BookingPOINT 6 Release Notes Hello BookingPOINT users, We recently discovered that BookingPOINT currently does not work properly with FileMaker 15 due to changes to FileMaker. More specifically, the visual booking calendar does not show bookings correctly. The cells may show the wrong colour giving the impression that a booked item is available and an available item is booked (until you scroll away and back again). We are working very hard on a solution and have made good progress but we still have some [...]

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BookingPOINT 5.3.9 Released

Hello there, We've released a new update for BookingPOINT, version 5.3.9. This update fixes a few minor issues that our wonderful users have reported to us. Here's what's changed in this update: Fix: Borrower Import was failing to import phone, email, mobile and notes correctly. Fix: Borrower Privileges Import would sometimes keep old data as well as the newly imported data. Fix: Week View Bookings screen would sometimes flash pink when accessing the screen. Change: Improved import so it no longer displays unnecessary 'Import Options' dialog. Change: The Borrower Details section (previously called Contact Details) now stretches when the window [...]

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Random-Apps now live on the App Store

Hello everyone, Good news! Our app Random-Apps got approved by Apple and is finally live on the App Store. Furthermore it is now available for download. Yay!! Random-Apps is a new app that lets you discover other cool iPhone apps that you may never have normally seen. Apple does a great job of showcasing a select few noteworthy apps. However, its usually the developers with the deepest pockets and the biggest marketing budgets that get the most attention. Generally, the bigger your marketing budget, the better your app will do. However there are tones of other cool apps that are [...]

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BookingPOINT 5.3.8 released

We've just released a new update for BookingPOINT, version 5.3.8. This is a small update and fixes a few minor issues that users have reported to us. Here's whats changed in this update: Fix: Booking resources for Borrowers that had the 'Ignore Term Breaks' privilege option was setting a return date that spanned the whole term break. Change: Due to limitations of FileMaker, Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge, we are forced to revert a feature we recently added back to the way it originally worked. The Terms and Conditions will no longer show any formatted text. Due to a FileMaker [...]

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FileMaker 15 is out

As some of you may already know FileMaker 15 was recently released, so we figured we would write about its cool new features. FileMaker seem to be focusing a lot on Mobile and Web these days which is great to see as this is definitely where the industry is going. Here's a quick rundown of some of the new features in FileMaker 15. Mobility App Extensions FileMaker Go now supports App Extensions. In other words you can pass content to other iOS apps such as editing an image, sharing files with cloud storage such as iCloud and Drop Box. 3D [...]

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BookingPOINT 5.3.7 released

We've released another BookingPOINT update, version 5.3.7. Before you can update your version of BookingPOINT, please ensure you first upgrade to version 5.3.5 if you haven't done so already. Here's whats included in this update: Fix: Excluding groups or individual resource items via Restrictions weren't working as of 5.3.6. Fix: Support / Maintenance renewal reminders were showing days remaining as negative numbers. Fix: Clicking on a booking on either Week View or Day View screens that belonged to a borrower other than the current borrower, a blank dialog was shown instead of the booking information. Fix: Users are correctly alerted [...]

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Check out the amazing new website we just launched for Random-Apps

We are all pretty exited; we've just launched a new fantastic looking website for our upcoming iPhone app called Random-Apps. What the heck is Random Apps I hear you ask? Well, its an awesome new app that lets you discover other cool apps ... randomly. The App Store does a great job at showcasing a handful of cool new apps, but there are hundreds of thousands of other cool apps that you'll never see ... well until you start using Random-Apps that is ;) Our upcoming iPhone app will allow you to discover a whole bunch of useful and interesting apps that [...]

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BookingPOINT 5.3.6 released

We've just released our first BookingPOINT update for 2016, version 5.3.6. Thank you all for your feedback. Before you can update your version of BookingPOINT, please ensure you first upgrade to version 5.3.5 before updating to version 5.3.6. Here's whats included in this update: Fix: Borrowers with multiple Privilege Sets were able to borrow resources that were excluded via Privilege Restrictions. Fix: Some web users were unable to log-in via the web and would incorrectly receive an error 'A borrower record does not exist for you in BookingPOINT'. Fix: Duplicating a Privilege Set would always duplicate the first one in [...]

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