Hello there,

We’ve just released a new update for BookingPOINT, version 6.1.0.

Here’s what’s changed in this update:

Important: A script schedule has been renamed and the corresponding FileMaker Server schedule needs to be edited to point to the new script name. In the FileMaker Server Admin Console, got to Script Schedules and edit the ‘Email Reminder Due Tomorrow’ schedule and change it to point to the script called ‘Scheduler: Event – Send Pickup & Return Reminders’.

New: Added mobile friendly interface for web bookings.

New: Redesigned Pickup screen.

New: Added ability to select which resources are being picked up by scanning a barcode rather than having to manually select the resources.

New: Added pickup reminder email and SMS messaging which can be scheduled to remind borrowers that they have resources scheduled for pick up the following day.

Change: In / Out > Pickup List now shows Today’s bookings as well as earlier bookings that have not yet been picked up.

Fix: Fixed an issue preventing new demerit points being manually added against borrowers.

Fix: Fixed an issue preventing demerit points from being deleted.

Fix: Uncollected bookings were being flagged as ‘Missed’ prior to the expiry of the booking. Now bookings wont be flagged as ‘Missed’ until after the return date and time has passed.

Fix: Resources could be unintentionally double booked when two users booked the same resource at the exact time.

Fix: Improved messaging when a borrower account assigned to a privilege set with an expiry date is due to expire.

Fix: Fixed issue where resources could not be swapped at time of pick if the current resource being swapped was booked after the resource being swapped with.

BookingPOINT is a FileMaker room and equipment reservation system designed for universities and schools. For more information about BookingPOINT or to download the trial version visit: BookingPOINT – Equipment Booking System