We are all pretty exited; we’ve just launched a new fantastic looking website for our upcoming iPhone app called Random-Apps.

What the heck is Random Apps I hear you ask?

Well, its an awesome new app that lets you discover other cool apps … randomly.

The App Store does a great job at showcasing a handful of cool new apps, but there are hundreds of thousands of other cool apps that you’ll never see … well until you start using Random-Apps that is ;)

Our upcoming iPhone app will allow you to discover a whole bunch of useful and interesting apps that you may never have discovered on your own. We’ve been using it internally during development and just absolutely love it. We’ve discovered tones of amazing new apps our selves and we’re sure that you will too.

Ok, Ok, so where’s this cool new website you keep telling me about?

Wow, we love your enthusiasm!

You can checkout our stunning new site here: Random-Apps

As always we’d love to hear your feedback (or criticism) – it’s all helpful!

Great stuff, when can I grab myself a copy of Random-Apps?

Soon! We promise. We’re working hard to finalise the app so stay tuned.

I love the new website, where can I get a cool website like that?

Ah, we’re glad you like it. Well we design amazing websites, so if you’re looking for a talented web designer based in Melbourne, look no further. Oh, and if you’re not in Melbourne, no worries – we service clients across Australia and around the world.

We’d love to hear about your project so give us a call.