As some of you may already know FileMaker 15 was recently released, so we figured we would write about its cool new features. FileMaker seem to be focusing a lot on Mobile and Web these days which is great to see as this is definitely where the industry is going.

Here’s a quick rundown of some of the new features in FileMaker 15.


App Extensions

FileMaker Go now supports App Extensions. In other words you can pass content to other iOS apps such as editing an image, sharing files with cloud storage such as iCloud and Drop Box.

3D Touch support

Via the app icon on the home screen on your iOS device, you can 3D Touch to access shortcuts to FileMaker Go such as open recent databases. 3D Touch is only supported on iPhone 6S.

Touch ID Support

You can now use your fingerprint via Touch ID to log in to your FileMaker Go solution.

WebDirect mobile phone support

FileMaker Web Direct now supports mobile devices. Now not only can you access your FileMaker solutions on iPhone but also on any other mobile device whether it be Android, Blackberry or Windows Phone.

iBeacon support

FileMaker Go can now receive signals from nearby iBeacons notifying FileMaker of your distance / proximity to the beacon. This can be used to present useful information on screen based on a specific location within your offices. For example if you are doing a stocktake, you could automatically see informaiton regarding the current shelf you are counting without manually checking the system.

Automation and integration

Highlighted script errors

FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Pro Advanced now highlight script errors, making it much easier to spot problems early.

In product updates

FileMaker 15 now provides in-product notifications and can download and install the latest updates for you.

ESS Adapter

FileMaker added additional SQL data sources to ESS such as PostgreSQL and IBM DB2.

Undo scripting

If you accidentally delete a FileMaker script, you can now undo the delete.

Ease Of Use

Updated user interface

FileMaker 15 interface has been imroved, making it more visually appealing.

Web-based help

FileMaker’s help is now on-line, providing up to date help at all times. The help files can also be downloaded for off-line use.

Basic Starter Solutions

FileMaker 15 sees some new basic starter solutions for people just starting out in FileMaker.


Concealed edit box

FileMaker have provided a feature to conceal data in a text field and is usefull for hiding things like passwords and credit card numbers etc.

SSL certificate enhancements

FileMaker Server supports more types of SSL certificates and also more SSL certificates form many popular vendors.

Proactive security warnings

FileMaker 15 now provides warning notifications when connecting to a host that has an invalid certificate.


Top call statistics logging

FileMaker Server 15 provides a quick way to diagnise performance issues and help developer’s speed up their solutions.

Portal in-line progress bar

A progress bar lets you know when sorting and filtering tasks are done and now run in the background.

To download FileMaker 15, please vist the FileMaker website.

If you would like to know more about how FileMaker 15 can help your business, please contact us.