Random-Apps now live on the App Store

Hello everyone, Good news! Our app Random-Apps got approved by Apple and is finally live on the App Store. Furthermore it is now available for download. Yay!! Random-Apps is a new app that lets you discover other cool iPhone apps that you may never have normally seen. Apple does a great job of showcasing a select few noteworthy apps. However, its usually the developers with the deepest pockets and the biggest marketing budgets that get the most attention. Generally, the bigger your marketing budget, the better your app will do. However there are tones of other cool apps that are [...]

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Check out the amazing new website we just launched for Random-Apps

We are all pretty exited; we've just launched a new fantastic looking website for our upcoming iPhone app called Random-Apps. What the heck is Random Apps I hear you ask? Well, its an awesome new app that lets you discover other cool apps ... randomly. The App Store does a great job at showcasing a handful of cool new apps, but there are hundreds of thousands of other cool apps that you'll never see ... well until you start using Random-Apps that is ;) Our upcoming iPhone app will allow you to discover a whole bunch of useful and interesting apps that [...]

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Hi-Voltage builds successful iPad system for Pneuvay Engineering

Hi-Voltage has developed an iPad system called SITE for local engineering company Pneuvay Engineering. Our iPad system is used by Pneuvay’s service technicians while out on site servicing client equipment. Our iPad system has allowed Pneuvay to provide quick, efficient and reliable repairs and maintenance services for their clients. The key features ... Managing service jobs Previously all work was done by hand using paper-based forms which was inefficient, time consuming and prone to errors. The paper-based forms then had to be submitted to head office and manually invoiced - a process, which was slow and consumed too much time. Gone [...]

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Developers Wanted

PHP Web App Developer Wanted We are looking for a talented PHP web app developer to join our team. We have a number of projects running at the moment and need either a full time developer or a contractor. You must have at least 2 years experience building web applications with PHP with either Zend, CodeIgnitor or Yii frameworks (or similar). Experience with JQuery is an advantage. This position is not open to international developers. You must be based in Australia and can work from home or if you're in Melbourne you can work from our offices if you prefer. Applications Closed. FileMaker Developer [...]

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2012

Hi-Voltage would love to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year for 2012. May the new year bring you lots of joy and happiness. Our offices will be closed from Friday 23nd December 2011 and we'll be back on the 9th January 2012. Have a wonderful break. See you soon. Best wishes, The Hi-Voltage Team FileMaker Pro Developers

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FileMaker Go 1.2.4 Released

An update for FileMaker Go 1.2.4 for iPhone and iPad is now available as a free download via the iTunes App Store. The update addresses various compatibility issues with running FileMaker Go on iOS 5. The update  resolves an issue where scrolling between fields causes redrawing that can hang the application. It also fixes an issue where selected text that appears behind the keyboard causes a jumping effect. The 1.2.4 update is free to existing FileMaker Go users. For more information about FileMaker Go and how Hi-Voltage can help your business achieve a mobile strategy visit: Access your data on your iPhone [...]

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iPad 2 on sale in Australia

The iPad 2 is finally hitting stores across Australia today at 5pm sharp. The iPad 2 is expected to be another great seller just like its predecessor was. In 2010, the first iPad sold over 15 million units worldwide in just 9 months, an astonishing achievement which has left many industry experts stunned after publicly ridiculing the device when it was first unveiled by Apple. If you haven't already done so, you can pre-order your iPad as of 12pm today via Apple's website. The opportunities for the iPad in business are literally endless. Hi-Voltage is exited about the release of the new iPad [...]

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FileMaker Go 1.1.2 Released

FileMaker has announced the release of FileMaker Go 1.1.2 for iPhone and iPad. The update is available from the iTunes App store and is free for all existing users. This update addresses the following: Adds application language support for French, Italian, German, Spanish, and Japanese. Addresses compatibility issues with large images and container fields. Allows users to restore solutions from hibernation by entering the same account name and password once. Allows files to be overwritten on iPhone and saved to a temporary location using scripts. Resolves compatibility issues running on iPhone. For more information visit FileMaker Go for iPhone and iPad.

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FileMaker Go 1.1 Released

FileMaker today announced the release of FileMaker Go 1.1 for the iPhone and iPad. The new version of FileMaker Go has some impressive new features such as the ability to create PDF documents, sharing databases via email, and inserting photos in databases. These new features will prove to be very useful for anyone wanting to access their FileMaker database on the go. Here are some examples of what you can do with FileMaker Go 1.1: Use the PDF feature to email invoices, orders, reports etc. Use the database sharing feature to send your local database to the office via email without having to [...]

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Hi-Voltage Becomes FileMaker 11 Certified

We are pleased to announce that as of today, Hi-Voltage is now officially a FileMaker 11 Certified Developer. Hi-Volatge would like to thank and congratulate Craig McKessar, our key FileMaker Pro developer for doing so well on the FileMaker Certifiation exam. For those of you interested in finding out more about the FileMaker Certification Program, please visit the FileMaker website. If you're interested in our FileMaker Development services feel free to contact us - we'd love to hear from you and discuss your FileMaker based project. Have a great day. Regards, The Hi-Voltage Team

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