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Room & equipment bookings for universities, schools & colleges

Manage bookings with ease! Book items, equipment, rooms etc. on-line or directly into BookingPOINT. Automatically send reminder emails for late returns and automatically suspend accounts with demerit points.

Our FileMaker Developer Tools

We have a small selection of Claris FileMaker Developer tools to help you extend your own Claris FileMaker solutions.

Code-X (FREE)

Protect your FileMaker solution from piracy with Code-X.

CalendarBOX (FREE)

 Add a single date-picker or date range date-picker to your FileMaker solutions.

Groovy Dialogs (FREE)

Replace FileMaker’s boring dialog boxes with something more attractive.

GetDistance (FREE)

Calculate distance and travel time between addresses using Google Maps.

LatitudeZERO (FREE)

Calculate distances between coordinates or ZIP codes in FileMaker.