How To Execute Multiple Lines of JavaScript in FileMaker

If you're anything like me, you probably love exploring the endless possibilities that JavaScript has brought to FileMaker, especially with the introduction of the "Perform JavaScript in Web Viewer" script step back in FileMaker Pro 19. This feature significantly expanded the capabilities of FileMaker solutions and finally allowed direct interaction with JavaScript from within a Web Viewer. I found myself using it quite a lot in my solutions. One annoying drawback with the "Perform JavaScript in Web Viewer" script step is that it only allows you to run a single line of JavaScript at a time. But for more complex [...]

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How to create an image carousel in FileMaker

Image carousels are quite popular these days on the web. In fact it may have been Apple's iTunes that popularised image carousels, but don't quote me on that one. It's rather easy to create your own image carosel in FileMaker. Step 1 - Create a photo table If you don't have one already, your FileMaker app will need a table to store all your photos. In this example, the photo's aren't related to any other table, so we'll be scrolling through all the photos in the table. If your photos use a relationship, you can easily modify the code to [...]

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