We’ve released another BookingPOINT update, version 5.3.7. Before you can update your version of BookingPOINT, please ensure you first upgrade to version 5.3.5 if you haven’t done so already.

Here’s whats included in this update:

Fix: Excluding groups or individual resource items via Restrictions weren’t working as of 5.3.6.

Fix: Support / Maintenance renewal reminders were showing days remaining as negative numbers.

Fix: Clicking on a booking on either Week View or Day View screens that belonged to a borrower other than the current borrower, a blank dialog was shown instead of the booking information.

Fix: Users are correctly alerted when multiple same day bookings exist when clicking a booking via the Week View screen and that the Day View screen should be used instead.

Change: Increased the size of the fields ‘Privilege Set’, ‘Expiry Date’ and ‘Account Status’ on the Edit Privilege Set dialog.

For more information about BookingPOINT or to download the trial version visit:
BookingPOINT – Room & Equipment Booking Software for FileMaker