Random-Apps now live on the App Store

Hello everyone, Good news! Our app Random-Apps got approved by Apple and is finally live on the App Store. Furthermore it is now available for download. Yay!! Random-Apps is a new app that lets you discover other cool iPhone apps that you may never have normally seen. Apple does a great job of showcasing a select few noteworthy apps. However, its usually the developers with the deepest pockets and the biggest marketing budgets that get the most attention. Generally, the bigger your marketing budget, the better your app will do. However there are tones of other cool apps that are [...]

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BookingPOINT 5.3.8 released

We've just released a new update for BookingPOINT, version 5.3.8. This is a small update and fixes a few minor issues that users have reported to us. Here's whats changed in this update: Fix: Booking resources for Borrowers that had the 'Ignore Term Breaks' privilege option was setting a return date that spanned the whole term break. Change: Due to limitations of FileMaker, Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge, we are forced to revert a feature we recently added back to the way it originally worked. The Terms and Conditions will no longer show any formatted text. Due to a FileMaker [...]

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