CalendarBOX 3.0 Install and user instructions

We recently released CalendarBOX 3.0 - you can read about what's new in CalendarBOX here: CalendarBOX 3.0 Released. CalendarBOX is a free FileMaker Developer Tool that lets you add a cool animated date picker to your own FileMaker Solutions for a modern professional look. NOTE: It was initially designed for FileMaker 16, however it now works with older versions too - except you don't get FileMaker 16's Card windows. Installation Instructions Anyway, here are the instructions how to install CalendarBOX in your own solutions: Download CalendarBOX. Copy all of the Custom Functions over to your solution. Copy the CalendarBOX table over to your [...]

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CalendarBOX 3.0 Released

Hi there, We’ve just released CalendarBOX 3.0, and boy are we excited about this new release. Add an awesome animated date picker to your own FileMaker solutions with CalendarBOX. It's completely free and completely unlocked so you can make any modifications as you see fit. Whats new in this version? Completely rewritten from the ground up. Animations when scrolling months. Uses FileMaker 16's new Card Windows. New modern and clean interface. Now using only one layout for both Single dates and Date Ranges. Selected date ranges highlighted on the date picker. Keyboard shortcuts to speed up the date selection process. We [...]

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How to create Groovy Dialog Boxes in FileMaker 16

Lets face it, FileMaker's 'Show Custom Dialog' script step is not very attractive let alone customisable. Yes you can customise the text that appears on the dialog box such as title, message and button names - but you cannot customise the look and feel and you certainly cannot customise it to match your solution's theme. With FileMaker 16, you can now have Groovy Dialog boxes that look like this: And you can finally get rid of boring dialog boxes that look like this: Oh, and did you notice anything different about the Groovy Dialog box above? It's got 4 buttons instead of being [...]

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How to dial your iPhone from FileMaker

Like many people these days, I cancelled my antiquated land-line a while back and have been using my mobile phone as my primary phone ever since. A very useful feature that I have built into our customer database is the ability to dial customer phone numbers directly from within FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Go. And, it's relatively simple to do. Not only does it save time not having to dial the numbers yourself, more importantly it also eliminates dialling wrong numbers. This tutorial will show you how you can dial your iPhone from both FileMaker Pro on your computer and FileMaker Go on your [...]

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