BookingPOINT FileMaker 15 incompatibility

UPDATE [June 11 2017]: BookingPOINT is now compatible with FileMaker 15 and 16. More information: Introducing BookingPOINT 6.0 Release notes: BookingPOINT 6 Release Notes Hello BookingPOINT users, We recently discovered that BookingPOINT currently does not work properly with FileMaker 15 due to changes to FileMaker. More specifically, the visual booking calendar does not show bookings correctly. The cells may show the wrong colour giving the impression that a booked item is available and an available item is booked (until you scroll away and back again). We are working very hard on a solution and have made good progress but we still have some [...]

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BookingPOINT 5.3.9 Released

Hello there, We've released a new update for BookingPOINT, version 5.3.9. This update fixes a few minor issues that our wonderful users have reported to us. Here's what's changed in this update: Fix: Borrower Import was failing to import phone, email, mobile and notes correctly. Fix: Borrower Privileges Import would sometimes keep old data as well as the newly imported data. Fix: Week View Bookings screen would sometimes flash pink when accessing the screen. Change: Improved import so it no longer displays unnecessary 'Import Options' dialog. Change: The Borrower Details section (previously called Contact Details) now stretches when the window [...]

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