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BookingPOINT 5.3.7 released

We've released another BookingPOINT update, version 5.3.7. Before you can update your version of BookingPOINT, please ensure you first upgrade to version 5.3.5 if you haven't done so already. Here's whats included in this update: Fix: Excluding groups or individual resource items via Restrictions weren't working as of 5.3.6. Fix: Support / Maintenance renewal reminders were showing days remaining as negative numbers. Fix: Clicking on a booking on either Week View or Day View screens that belonged to a borrower other than the current borrower, a blank dialog was shown instead of the booking information. Fix: Users are correctly alerted [...]

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Check out the amazing new website we just launched for Random-Apps

We are all pretty exited; we've just launched a new fantastic looking website for our upcoming iPhone app called Random-Apps. What the heck is Random Apps I hear you ask? Well, its an awesome new app that lets you discover other cool apps ... randomly. The App Store does a great job at showcasing a handful of cool new apps, but there are hundreds of thousands of other cool apps that you'll never see ... well until you start using Random-Apps that is ;) Our upcoming iPhone app will allow you to discover a whole bunch of useful and interesting apps that [...]

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BookingPOINT 5.3.6 released

We've just released our first BookingPOINT update for 2016, version 5.3.6. Thank you all for your feedback. Before you can update your version of BookingPOINT, please ensure you first upgrade to version 5.3.5 before updating to version 5.3.6. Here's whats included in this update: Fix: Borrowers with multiple Privilege Sets were able to borrow resources that were excluded via Privilege Restrictions. Fix: Some web users were unable to log-in via the web and would incorrectly receive an error 'A borrower record does not exist for you in BookingPOINT'. Fix: Duplicating a Privilege Set would always duplicate the first one in [...]

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BookingPOINT 5.3.5 released

We've just released another update for BookingPOINT, version 5.3.5. This should be our last release for the year, see you soon in 2016. Thanks to everyone that reported issues. Here are the changes: Fix: After upgrading to 5.3.4 some users were asked to reenter their license code and it would not be accepted. Fix: Day View screen showed the wrong shade of grey between 1AM and 2AM when closed. Change: Overnight bookings can now be made via the Day View screen and Same Day bookings can now be made via the Week View screen; providing the Resource Type allows the [...]

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BookingPOINT 5.3.4 released

We've just released an important update for BookingPOINT, version 5.3.4. Version 5.3.3 addressed corrupt Resource Types and solved the problem for some users, but not all. If you had corrupt Resource Types when you updated to 5.3.3 then your Resource Types have already been repaired. If you did not have corrupt Resource Types, then 5.3.3 could still potentially corrupt them. We recommend that everyone upgrades to version 5.3.4 as it resolves the corruption issue. Here's what's new for version 5.3.4: New: Added the ability to choose your paper size for printing in Settings. Options are A4, Letter & Legal, with the default [...]

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BookingPOINT 5.3.3 Released

We've just released an important update for BookingPOINT, version 5.3.3. If you updated BookingPOINT to version 5.3.1 or 5.3.2 from any prior version then your Resource Types could be corrupt. We strongly recommend that you stop using versions 5.3.1 and 5.3.2 and update as soon as possible to version 5.3.3 to ensure your corrupt Resource Types are fixed. Here are the fixes for version 5.3.3: Fix: Anyone who updated from an older version to either version 5.3.2 or 5.3.1, may have corrupt Resource Types. Some Resource Types were using duplicate IDs and could not be renamed or deleted and showed [...]

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BookingPOINT 5.3.2 Released

We've just released an update for BookingPOINT, version 5.3.2. Thanks to everyone that reported issues. Here are the changes: Fix: If a borrower was assigned to a privilege set that had restrictions where two or more groups were excluded, BookingPOINT would hang when viewing the borrower in the Booking screens. Fix: When operators extended bookings, they were restricted by the maximum number of days a borrower could extend their own bookings rather than the maximum number of days an operator can extend the booking. Fix: When borrowers extended their own bookings via the web, they were able to extend beyond [...]

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BookingPOINT 5.3.1 released

We've just released an update for BookingPOINT, version 5.3.1. Thanks to everyone that reported issues. Here are the changes: Change: Extended size of Resource Type lists in Privilege Settings dialog. Change: [FileMaker 13+ Only] Table lists that have a blank last row for creating new entries no longer show a delete button since there's nothing to delete. Fix: The Booking dialog on the web when hosted by FileMaker 12 now show borders around time fields. Fix: When importing Resources, new Resource Types that don't exist in BookingPOINT are also created. Fix: Exporting Resources now exports the resource Type not just [...]

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BookingPOINT 5.3.0 Released

We've just released an update for BookingPOINT, version 5.3.0. Here are the changes: New: Block Outs now have a Type drop down with the options 'Resource', 'Type', 'Group' and 'All'. A single Block Out entry can now apply to a resource, to a resource group, to a resource type, or to all resources. For example, a 'Group' Block Out applies to all resources within the same Resource Group and only needs to be edited once - previously every resource within the Resource Group had to have an individual Block Out. New: As part of Restrictions, added the ability to exclude [...]

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Hi-Voltage builds successful iPad system for Pneuvay Engineering

Hi-Voltage has developed an iPad system called SITE for local engineering company Pneuvay Engineering. Our iPad system is used by Pneuvay’s service technicians while out on site servicing client equipment. Our iPad system has allowed Pneuvay to provide quick, efficient and reliable repairs and maintenance services for their clients. The key features ... Managing service jobs Previously all work was done by hand using paper-based forms which was inefficient, time consuming and prone to errors. The paper-based forms then had to be submitted to head office and manually invoiced - a process, which was slow and consumed too much time. Gone [...]

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