Hi there,

We’ve just released CalendarBOX 3.0, and boy are we excited about this new release.

Add an awesome animated date picker to your own FileMaker solutions with CalendarBOX. It’s completely free and completely unlocked so you can make any modifications as you see fit.

Whats new in this version?

  1. Completely rewritten from the ground up.
  2. Animations when scrolling months.
  3. Uses FileMaker 16’s new Card Windows.
  4. New modern and clean interface.
  5. Now using only one layout for both Single dates and Date Ranges.
  6. Selected date ranges highlighted on the date picker.
  7. Keyboard shortcuts to speed up the date selection process.

We were really pleased with the tool and we wanted to share it with fellow FileMaker Developers as soon as possible.

You can download CalendarBOX here: CalendarBOX FileMaker Developer Tool

Installation instructions can be found here: CalendarBOX 3.0 install and user instructions