Hi-Voltage has developed an iPad system called SITE for local engineering company Pneuvay Engineering.

Our iPad system is used by Pneuvay’s service technicians while out on site servicing client equipment. Our iPad system has allowed Pneuvay to provide quick, efficient and reliable repairs and maintenance services for their clients.

The key features …

Managing service jobs

Previously all work was done by hand using paper-based forms which was inefficient, time consuming and prone to errors. The paper-based forms then had to be submitted to head office and manually invoiced – a process, which was slow and consumed too much time.

Gone are the paper-based forms and staff couldn’t be happier. Now, service technicians complete the service forms electronically on the iPad, capture client signatures, and head office can instantly see the submitted service documents and make live changes where necessary.

Automated Reminders

The system reminds admin staff when a client is next due for a service, and allow them to arrange appointments. Previously this was non-existent and Pneuvay had to rely on clients to arrange their own appointments if they remembered.

The automated reminders has helped Pneuvay increase sales which may have gone forgotten or the client may have gone elsewhere.

Service history

With the introduction of an iPad system, service technicians now have access to clients full service history. They can easily refer to old service records to isolate issues and prevent future problems for clients. In the past, service technicians had to call head office who would then dig up a tone of paperwork from filing cabinets.

Map Directions

The iPad system even provides service technicians directions to their next job via Google Maps so they never got lost.

Photo capture

Service technicians can take photos of damaged equipment and keep track of damage for future reference. Damage report is then submitted to the client for immediate action.

What has the customer got to say?

“It has been phenomenal. The software is easy to use and gives staff complete mobility in the field.

“Our technicians click on the company name and all the details, are there in front of them, contacts, address, previous service history, photos, notes etc. They walk in armed with all the information they need.

“There are no lost service dockets/reports, which has stopped delays in invoicing. Streamlining this work process has really enhanced and improved everyone’s productivity.”

More information

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For more information on how our iPad software has helped our client, visit Pneuvay Engineering.