CalendarBOX is a free animated date-picker for FileMaker Pro. Use CalendarBOX within your own solutions to select dates via a pop-up card window and give your solution a professional look. Completely free, completely unlocked.

Single date-picker

Select a single date and set your desired field within your FileMaker solution.

Date range date-picker

Select date ranges. Ideal for reports or for setting start dates and end dates.

Animated scrolling

Animated scrolling provides visual cues to the user.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Use 24 keyboard shortcuts to simplify the date selection process.

Download it now – its free!

Installation and user instructions

Installation and user instructions can be found here: CalendarBOX 3.0 install and user instructions


CalendarBOX works with FileMaker Pro version 12 to 16 (or later).

CalendarBOX uses FileMaker 16’s new card window feature, whereas it uses a regular window for older versions of FileMaker.

FileMaker Pro Advanced is needed for implementing CalendarBOX into your own solutions as it uses Custom Functions.


CalendarBOX is provided as is free of charge, therefore we do not provide free support for the product. If you need assistance, please note that it will be a paid consultation. To arrange a consultation, please contact us.


CalendarBOX is licensed under a MIT License. Basically, you can do what ever you like with it. There are no restrictions whatsoever.

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