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Room & equipment bookings for universities, schools & colleges

Introducing BookingPOINT … a much loved room and equipment booking system designed specifically for universities, schools and colleges. BookingPOINT allows you to take control of your room bookings and equipment loans like never before.

Clean, easy to use, beautiful

With a beautiful modern and clean interface, using BookingPOINT is a pleasure. The interface is intuitive and easy to understand, you’ll be a pro in no time.

BookingPOINT - Room and equipment booking software

Time & Day bookings

Book resources by time or by day – e.g. for 1 hour or for 2 days. You can set up which resources can by booked by time, which can be booked overnight, or both.

On-line Bookings

Allow borrowers to book resources on-line at their convenience from anywhere they please. Save time not having to manually book rooms on their behalf – you’ve got better things to do.

iPad Admin Access

Go mobile! Admin users can access the desktop version of BookingPOINT via an iPad.

Reminder Emails & SMS’s

Send automated reminders emails and SMS’s to remind borrowers when their resources are due back, when they have accrued demerit points for late returns, when they have been suspended for too many late returns etc.

Auto Suspensions

Auto-suspend borrowers once they reach a specified number of demerit points to discourage late return of equipment.

Extend Bookings

Allow on-line borrowers to extend their own bookings on the day they are due back if no one else has booked the same resource. Choose which borrowers can and can’t extend their own bookings.

Checkout Without prior Booking

Checkout resources on the fly, even without a prior booking. Simply specify the resources you want to checkout at time of pickup to allocated them to a borrower.

Reporting Tools

With expensive reporting tools, you’ll have all the information you’ll ever need right at your fingertips. Make better, more informed decisions.

Servicing Equipment

Schedule equipment to be booked out for service at a future date. Automatically notify users that the resource they booked is no longer available and will be in for service.

Open / Active Directory

Use your existing Open Directory / Active Directory accounts to externally authenticate borrowers. No need to manage a different set of user names and passwords – users can log on with their existing credentials.

Barcode Scanners

Use a barcode scanner to swipe student cards or to check items in and out of stock. Any barcode scanner will work with BookingPOINT as long as it works with your operating system.


BookingPOINT is not your typical off-the-shelf product. We can customise BookingPOINT to meet your exact needs. If BookingPOINT doesn’t quite fit your requirements, then let us know and we can customise it for you. Alternatively, you may purchase a Developer License and customise it yourself.

Download Trial

BookingPOINT for Mac

Mac OS X (10.7 or higher)

BookingPOINT for Win

Windows (7 or higher)

So what’s it cost?


$AU89*per month
  • No set up fee
  •  1 admin. user included, additional admin. users AU$21/month per user
  • Support & Updates


$AU109*per month
  • No set up fee
  •  1 admin. user included, additional admin. users AU$21/month per user
  • Support & Updates
  • Automated emails & SMS
  • Admin. iPad / iPhone access
  • On-line bookings
  •  Open / Active Directory 


$AU159*per month
  • AU$1,650 set up fee
  •  1 admin. user included, additional admin. users AU$21/month per user
  • Support & Updates
  • Automated emails & SMS
  • Admin. iPad / iPhone access
  • On-line bookings
  • Open / Active Directory
  • Access to data via ODBC
  • Access to source code

* Australian customers please add 10% GST

What out customers are saying

BookingPOINT has become so important for managing bookings remotely in a fair and orderly manner.

Greg Nelson, Victoria University - Australia

We have welcomed BookingPOINT with open arms. It delivers a beautiful visual representation of the whereabouts of our inventory. It does a great job in tracking the history of bookings. The very transparent underlying structure of the developer edition makes it easy to customise BookingPOINT to your own situation. I recommend it highly.

Barth Visser, ArtEZ Institute of the Arts - The Netherlands

I am so excited! I have been looking for a system like this for a long time.

Kevin Mullin, University of Missouri at Kansas City - United States

I wanted to pass along thanks and praise for creating a wonderful product. I was able to transfer over user and resource data from our bloated MySQL reservation system with little to no effort, creating a virtually seamless transition from our old product to BookingPOINT. I feel confident that we’ll be using your product for many years to come.

Joey Jenkins, North Carolina State University - United States

BookingPOINT is fast, reliable and simple to use. It’s been instrumental in helping us track our equipment usage and maintenance, providing useful data for planning our inventory life-cycles. We appreciate other well-considered features such as the automated, configurable return notifications, customizable splash screen and accessible web interface. Keep up the good work!

David Broome, University of Victoria - Canada

We use bookingPOINT to manage multimedia equipment loans to approximately 400 students per semester. BookingPOINT definitely allows us to service students, faculty, and staff more efficiently and faster than we had been able to in the past. Thanks!

Dan Charette, University of Michigan - United States

After much research we found BookingPOINT to be the most complete online resource booking solution for the money. I would recommend that anyone in the business of managing and tracking portable resources take a look at this application.

Daniel Conway, University of Newcastle - Australia

We are so delighted. This system has been a tremendous improvement to our student video equipment checkout system. We are now better able to control access to resources and track usage.

Buddy Wiedemann, Gaylord College of Journalism (University of Oklahoma) - USA

We decided to give BookingPOINT a try and it helped us out immediately. I would definitely recommend BookingPOINT if you want to keep control of your AV department and have both employees and students satisfied. PS: I recommended BookingPOINT to an institute in the Netherlands so my optimism is genuine.

Robert Haasbroek, Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht - Netherlands

We made some previous attempts to find the best booking system that could provide us the flexibility we need. BookingPOINT was considered for many reasons. I don’t hesitate to encourage others to purchase BookingPOINT; it’s been a good decision.

Benoit Chausse, Concordia University - Canada

BookingPOINT has enabled us to take control… of everything. A dependable product with solid support.

Mark Cain, Isle Of Man College - Isle Of Man

I’ve been a university technician for 26 years and i have never seen anything that works so well.

Bill Hammond, University of Tasmania - Australia

We’ve found BookingPOINT to be stable and very reliable. We’ve also found Hi-Voltage have been very friendly and helpful, both during the initial setup phase and in helping us fine-tune the system to our specific requirements.

Alex Drinkwater, Goldsmiths University of London - United Kingdom

Our new BookingPoint system has changed the way we do things here at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama dramatically. Students now return resources on time and I do not have to spend valuable time chasing them up or reminding them to return items. I know exactly where all the Academy’s instruments and equipment are at a click of a button. Just brilliant, thanks!!

Gerrie Victor, Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama - United Kingdom
The work you did with BookingPOINT and the time & thoughtfulness with which you took all of my suggestions really made an impression on me, and I both commend and thank you for it.
Alex White, School of Visual Arts - United States

Claris FileMaker Requirements

Claris FileMaker Pro per administrator workstation (sold separately).

On-line bookings require  ‘Claris FileMaker Server + Connections‘ (sold separately). If you are purchasing Claris FileMaker Server, you will need to purchase sufficient Connections that suit your needs. To determine how many Connections you need, you need to consider how many web users will be accessing BookingPOINT at the exact same time. Generally we recommend 10 to 20 connections, but your needs may differ. You can always purchase more connections when you need them.

Automated reminder emails, issuing of demerit points and auto-suspensions require the base version of Claris FileMaker Server.

To obtain current pricing for FileMaker software, please visit the Claris web site.

Claris FileMaker Compatibility

BookingPOINT works with Claris FileMaker version 16 onwards.

System Requirements

BookingPOINT is a Claris FileMaker Pro solution, therefore BookingPOINT will run on any computer / operating system that Claris FileMaker Pro runs on. BookingPOINT is cross-platform and runs on both Mac and Windows. Please visit the Claris website to find out more information regarding system requirements.

Release Notes

To view a historical list of all bug fixes, changes and new features added to each version of BookingPOINT, view the Release Notes.

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