We’ve just released an update for BookingPOINT, version 5.2.1. Here are the changes:

Fix: Changed the date format on the ‘Week View’, ‘Day View’, ‘My Upcoming Bookings’ and ‘Resources I have out on loan’ screens to show according to operating system settings. Perviously it would always show in DD/MM/YYYY format.

Fix: Scheduled emails and SMS messages weren’t being sent at all.

Fix: The Borrower name wasn’t showing up as text link on the Bookings List Detail screen.

Fix: Barcode fields in Resources and Borrowers will now clear out any unwanted carriage returns and spaces when importing from a data file, which was causing problems with scanning since barcodes didn’t match exactly.

Fix: Any existing carriage returns or spaces in the Resources Barcode field, the Borrowers Barcode field or Borrowers Student Number field will be cleared out with this upgrade.

For more information please visit: BookingPOINT – FileMaker Room and Equipment Booking System