Hello there,

We’ve just released a new update for BookingPOINT, version 6.0.5. This update fixes a few minor issues that our wonderful users have reported to us.

Here’s what’s changed in this update:

Fix: Restricting the number of weeks bookings could be made in advance was not working.

Fix: Restricting the maximum booking duration would sometimes fail to work for same day bookings.

Fix: Same day bookings were not allowed to be made via the Day View calendar when spanning over block outs that allowed spanning.

Fix: Overnight bookings were allowed to be made via the Day View calendar when when spanning over block outs that don’t allow spanning.

Fix: When making a booking at the current time, if the clock ticked over to the next 15 minute interval while the booking dialog was still open, an error would display saying you could not book resources in the past.

Fix: When adding additional resources during pickup, sometimes the additional resources were being added to wrong borrowers.

Change: When adding resources via the Pickup screen, hitting the enter key after entering the barcode now adds the resource.

Change: The Today screen within the Bookings module has been moved and split out into two seperate screens within the In / Out module and are now called Pickup List and Return List.

New: The Pickup List can now show a list of bookings due for pick up today, tomorrow or a custom date.

New: Borrowers cannot book past their Privilege Set expiry date if one has been set.

BookingPOINT is a FileMaker room and equipment reservation system designed for universities, schools. For more information about BookingPOINT or to download the trial version visit: BookingPOINT – Equipment Booking System