We’ve just released an update for BookingPOINT, version 5.0.4. This update is a minor revision and it fixes a few small issues that our customers have reported. We recommend you upgrade to this new version.

Whats new in this version

New: Added Date Acquired and Date Disposed to Resources.

Fix: The “log out” button on the web would not log the user out unless it was pressed twice.

Fix: When changing passwords on the web, if the new password is the same as the old password, then an appropriate error message is shown.

Change: Improved password masking on the web when changing passwords.

Change: When a resource is in the cart, the resource name is highlighted in light blue like it did in version 4.

Change: Rearranged fields on the Resources screen. Merged Current Booking and Upcoming Bookings onto one tab.

For more information please visit: BookingPOINT – FileMaker Pro Booking System