We’ve just released an update for BookingPOINT, version 5.0.3. This update is a minor revision and it fixes a few small issues that our customers have reported. We recomend you upgrade to this new version.

Here are the changes / fixes:

Fix: Fixed issue with pagination buttons on the web (i.e .First, Previous, Next, Last) where the button text itself was not clickable but only outside area of the the button was.

Fix: When importing borrowers, the web login accounts weren’t being created.

Fix: The shopping cart button was showing the wrong count of items when a recurring booking was in the cart.

Fix: Office hours end time was being shown as available on the calendar instead of closed.

Fix: When ‘ignore restrictions’ checkbox was on, the type filter wasn’t showing Show All, Show Cart, Show Loaned, Show Due and Show Upcoming filter items.

Fix: In some occasions, when creating a new Resource Type in Settings, the new type was not visible in the list until you restarted BookingPOINT.

Fix: Users on 24 hour time format could not specify the ‘Return By’ time on the Office Hours tab in Settings due to a validation error.

Fix: Windows users could not see the full time displayed in the drop down lists on the Office Hours tab in Settings.

For more information please visit: BookingPOINT – FileMaker Room and Equipment Booking System