Hi-Voltage is proud to announce another exciting release of BookingPOINT, version 3.1.1. BookingPOINT 3.1.1 is now available as a trial download via the Hi-Voltage website (see links below).

BookingPOINT is a powerful resource booking system designed for universities, colleges and other educational institutions, and helps them better manage resources and assets.

BookingPOINT allows you to take full control of room and equipment bookings, offering significant time saving features, increased convenience and greater efficiency for both staff and borrowers.

With BookingPOINT 3.1.1, booking and borrowing resources has never been easier! This release includes many new features implemented due to customer feedback.

What’s new in this version

  • Specify the exact start & end date / time for bookings
  • Edit bookings by clicking on a Booking
  • Borrowers can extend their own bookings after the resources have been picked up
  • Administrators can now swap booked resources at time of pickup for other similar resources
  • Similar resources can now be grouped together
  • Improvements to automated email scheduler
  • Several bug fixes and improvements

Recent additions to BookingPOINT

  • External Authentication using Open Directory / Active Directory to allow borrowers to login using their existing accounts rather than having to maintain separate logins within BookingPOINT
  • Import Resources from external files
  • Export Resources
  • Export Borrowers
  • Search Resources by barcode at time of booking, allowing BookingPOINT to be used like a library system
  • Separate fields for student number and card number
  • Search for borrowers using either the student number or card number
  • The new graphical calendar lets you visually see bookings at a glance, so you can instantly and conveniently see resource availability.
  • Same day / time based bookings now allow resources to be booked for a duration of time on a given day, such as 1 hour at 10:00am.
  • Room and equipment bookings are now managed in the one place rather than separately, making working with resources easier and more convenient.
  • Bookings can conveniently be extended without borrowers having to return and pickup the same equipment, saving both borrowers and administrators time by eliminating lengthy queues at the loans desk. Administrators can extend bookings on behalf of borrowers or borrowers can extend their own bookings online.
  • At time of pickup, bookings can be transferred from one borrower to another if necessary.
  • Improved interface making it even easier and friendlier to navigate throughout the system.
  • Improved web interface for online users, including the same graphical calendar that Administrators use.
  • Enhanced security with the introduction of login and password accounts for web users.
  • and more …

With all these new features and enhancements, BookingPOINT 3.1.1 will give you full control of your assets and will save you significant amount of time.


If BookingPOINT 3.1.1 doesn’t quite fit your needs, it can be customized to meet your exact requirements, please contact us for additional information or visit: FileMaker Pro Developer Melbourne

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