FileMaker announced today the launch of their new product FileMaker Go for the iPhone and iPad. Now you can access your FileMaker databases via your iPhone and iPad in ways you could never before.

Hi-Voltage is excited about FileMaker Go, as it opens up a whole new world of possibilities for clients. We’ve been asked many times to integrate FileMaker databases with the iPhone and iPad, and although it was possible in the past, it’s always been a bit of work. Now, with FileMaker Go, integration is a whole lot easier.

With FileMaker Go, you can now access your data while on the Go. Access your data anywhere in the world … while you’re at home, on the road, in a hotel room, waiting in line at the bank.

Use to access any data you need: Raise invoices, place orders, view stock levels, view customer information, view product information … the possibilities are endless.

There are two ways to access your data, either live via 3G / wifi or by loading the database locally on your device and syncing the data later when you’re back at the office.

Hi-Voltage is ready to help clients with their iPhone and iPad needs.

For more information visit FileMaker Go for iPhone and iPad.