Hello everyone,

We’ve just released a new update for BookingPOINT, version 5.1.1. See below for more information.

Whats new in this version

Temporary: Due to a bug in FileMaker Server 13 where web users could not log out of BookingPOINT; a feature in BookingPOINT had to be disabled temporarily until FileMaker issue a fix. If the main window is resized, BookingPOINT does not restore the new window settings next time you log back in.

New: Added new fields for Model and Asset Number to resources. Updated import, export and advanced search to include the new fields.

Fix: Updated the the resource advanced search screen to include date acquired and date disposed fields.

Fix: When restricting the number of items a borrower can have out per time slot, BookingPOINT was counting the returned resources. It now excludes them.

Fix: Increased size of Barcode field on the Booking List printout.

Fix: Admin users can now log in via External Authentication using Active Directory / Open Directory. Users accounts need to be assigned to the ‘BookingPOINTuser’ group before they can gain access.

For more information please visit: BookingPOINT – FileMaker Room and Equipment Booking System