We’ve just release a new version of BookingPOINT 4.1.0 and it’s now available for download via the links below.

BookingPOINT is a powerful resource booking system designed for universities, colleges and other educational institutions, and helps them better manage resources and assets.

BookingPOINT allows you to take full control of room and equipment bookings, offering significant time saving features, increased convenience and greater efficiency for both staff and borrowers.

New Features and Enhancements

New: Several new Usage reports (with graphs) were added.

New: Can now assign multiple privilege sets to a borrower.

New: Send SMS reminders and overdue notifications.

New: Added a new tab in Preferences called ‘SMS’ so users can configure SMS settings.

New: Added automatic version checking every 7 days at startup.

New: Added automatic renewal reminders for Support / Maintenance plans.

New: Added new tab in Preferences called ‘Update/Renewal’. This new tab allows users to check for updates and renew their Support / Maintenance plan.

New: As a once-off, users will be asked to enter their license key at startup up in order to configure the automatic renewal reminders.

New: Scanning barcodes into fields will automatically trigger it’s function if the barcode scanner returns a carriage return. This also applies if the user hits the return key after typing the barcode. This replaces the need to manually click on a button after each scan.

Change: A minimum of FileMaker version 10 is required for BookingPOINT 4.1.0.

Change: Improved script schedules (Deluxe Only). Important: after updating to 4.1.0 you will need to point your FileMaker server schedules to the new scheduler scripts. Refer to you documentation entitled ‘Installing BookingPOINT Deluxe’.

Change: Merged ‘Operators’ tab and ‘Privileges’ tab in Preferences onto one tab called ‘Users/Security’ to allow room for new tabs.

Change: Email Authentication password in preferences now displays ‘*****’ to hide the password.

Fix: When returning resources from service before the return date, you could not book the resource from the Day View screen.

Fix: If you create a duplicate Borrower student No then navigate to List View, the system would allow you to create a duplicate Borrower record.

Fix: In some instances operators were able to edit Resource records and Borrower records even though their privileges did not allow it.

Fix: In some instances borrowers were not receiving overdue email notices when a resource was overdue by between 30 minutes and 1 day. In this event borrowers were likely to never receive their overdue email even after 1 day.


If BookingPOINT doesn’t quite fit your needs, it can be customized to meet your exact requirements, please contact us for additional information.

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For more information please visit: BookingPOINT – FileMaker Room and Equipment Booking System