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Groovy Dialogs

Groovy Dialogs is a free FileMaker 16 tool to create groovy looking dialog boxes that replace FileMaker’s boring custom dialog boxes.

Replace FileMaker’s boring Custom Dialog boxes from this:

To this:

Custom Dialog with FileMaker 16

Learn how we created Groovy Dialogs

Check out our blog post How to create Groovy Dialog Boxes in FileMaker 16 to learn how we created Groovy Dialogs. You can follow along with the tutorial if you like, or just download the demo and implement it into your own solutions.

How to add Groovy Dialogs to your own solutions

Here are the steps to add Groovy Dialogs to your own solutions:

  1. Download the demo files.
  2. Copy the Custom Function from the demo file over to your own solution.
  3. Copy the scripts from the demo file over to your own solution.
  4. Create a new blank layout in your solution called ‘Groovy Dialog’.
  5. Remove the layout’s header and footer.
  6. Copy the contents of the Groovy Dialog layout from the demo file over to your solution.
  7. Edit the ‘Groovy Dialog’ script within your solution and set the ‘New Window’ step to use the ‘Groovy Dialog’ layout.

How to display a Groovy Dialog

Once you have implemented Groovy Dialogs into your own solution as per the instructions above, you’re ready to start displaying Groovy Dialogs in your own solution.

Instead of using FileMaker’s ‘Show Custom Dialog’ script step, you use the following Perform Script step:

Perform Script ["Groovy Dialog", "Title|Message|Button1|Button2|Button3|Button4"]

For example:

Perform Script ["Groovy Dialog", "This is my Title|This is my message|Close"]

How to get the button that was pressed

To get which button the user pressed, all you need to do is substitute FileMaker’s Get(LastMessageDialog) with the $$ButtonResult global variable.

For example:

IF [ $$ButtonResult = 1 ]

Download it now – its free!


Groovy Dialogs work with FileMaker Pro 16 or greater. You will need FileMaker Pro Advanced add a Custom Function to your solution.


Groovy Dialogs is provided as is free of charge, therefore we do not provide free support for the product. If you need assistance, please note that it will be a paid consultation. To arrange a consultation, please contact us.


Groovy Dialogs is licensed under a MIT License. Basically, you can do what ever you like with it. There are no restrictions whatsoever.

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