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CalendarBOX is a free customisable date-picker for FileMaker Pro. Use CalendarBOX within your own solutions to select dates via a pop-up window or use the code to incorporate the date picker within your own layouts.

CalendarBOX is an unlocked FileMaker Pro file, allowing you to modify it any way you please and include it within your own FileMaker solutions. CalendarBOX is easy to use, easy to install and requires very little scripting.

CalendarBOX - Date Range Date Picker For FileMaker

Single date-picker

Use CalendarBOX to select a single date, and set your desired field within your solution.

CalendarBOX - date range date picker for FileMaker

Date range date-picker

Use CalendarBOX to select date ranges. Ideal for reports, or for setting start dates and end dates.

How do I add it to my FileMaker Pro solution?

The full instructions are included in the download, but we’ll briefly show you how easy it is here:

  • 1.Copy the CalendarBOX.fmp12 file over to your solution folder.
  • 2. Copy an example script from the Demo file and paste it into your solution
  • 3. Specify the parameters (if any) within the new script
  • 4. Specify which of your solutions’ date fields should be set

Download it now – its free!


CalendarBOX works with FileMaker Pro 13 or greater. If you would like to edit the Custom Functions within CalendarBOX, you will need FileMaker Pro Advanced, otherwise FileMaker Pro will suffice.


CalendarBOX is provided as is free of charge, therefore we do not provide free support for the product. If you need assistance, please note that it will be a paid consultation. To arrange a consultation, please contact us.


CalendarBOX is licensed under a MIT License. Basically, you can do what ever you like with it. There are no restrictions whatsoever.

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