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Room & equipment bookings for universities, schools & colleges

Manage bookings with ease! Book items, equipment, rooms etc. on-line or directly into BookingPOINT. Automatically send reminder emails for late returns and automatically suspend accounts with demerit points.


iPhone Apps on the App Store

Check out our iPhone apps – you can download them from the App Store (more coming soon).

Random-Apps (FREE)

Discover cool apps for your iPhone. Download for free from the App Store!

FileMaker Developer Tools

We have a small selection of FileMaker Developer tools to help you extend your own FileMaker solutions.

Code-X (FREE)

Protect your FileMaker solution from piracy with Code-X.

LatitudeZERO (FREE)

Calculate distances between coordinates or ZIP codes in FileMaker.

CalendarBOX (FREE)

 Add a single date-picker or date range date-picker to your FileMaker solutions.