FileMaker Cloud

FileMaker Cloud

Need FileMaker hosting? FileMaker Cloud is the way to go!
We’ll help you get your database up in the cloud.

Get your database up on FileMaker Cloud

Been thinking of moving your database over to the cloud? Don’t want to manage your own FileMaker Server? We’ve helped many clients just like you move across to the cloud. We will have you up and running in no time at all.

  • Get the right advice

  • Help you choose a plan

  • Assess your database

  • Fast turnaround

  • Minimal downtime

  • Manage it for you

Why do we love FileMaker Cloud?

No Hardware

No Hardware

There’s no need for you to manage your own in-house server. You save on both hardware costs and electricity costs. No break downs, no repairs, no maintenance.

Disaster Planning

Disaster Planning

Imagine disaster strikes – fire, flood, or theft. How will it affect your company? With FileMaker Cloud, you’re secure. Your database stays safe in the cloud, ensuring continuity.

Automatic Cloud Backups

Automatic Backups

Automatic backups run every 20 minutes, saving only the changed portions of files for efficient and reliable data protection.

FileMaker Cloud Security


Databases are securely encrypted and use industry-standard SSL encryption for all connections, ensuring robust data protection.

Always up to date

Always up to date

Eliminates the need to manually manage outdated operating systems, keeping your server automatically and seamlessly up-to-date.

FileMaker Cloud Performance

Amazing performance

FileMaker Cloud offers fast performance, making it ideal for remote staff in different offices or in the field who need database access. It’s optimised for speed and reliability.

Low maintenance

Low maintenance

Eliminates the need to manage your own hardware, avoiding issues with outdated operating systems and hardware limitations, keeping everything seamless and headache-free.

Instant Scalability

Instant Scalability

With FileMaker Cloud, you can easily scale up your server with a click of a button – add more RAM or increase hard drive space without taking your database offline.

Check out the Claris website for more details.

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