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BookingPOINT 5 Release Notes

Other versions: Version 4Version 3

Version 5.3.9

Fix: Borrower Import was failing to import phone, email, mobile and notes correctly.

Fix: Borrower Privileges Import would sometimes keep old data as well as the newly imported data.

Fix: Week View Bookings screen would sometimes flash pink when accessing the screen.

Change: Improved import so it no longer displays unnecessary ‘Import Options’ dialog.

Change: The Borrower Details section (previously called Contact Details) now stretches when the window is resized to show more content.


[Web only] Moved office hours to appear inside booking edit window for more visibility.

Version 5.3.8

Fix: Booking resources for Borrowers that had the ‘Ignore Term Breaks’ privilege option was setting a return date that spanned the whole term break.

Change: Due to limitations of FileMaker, Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge, we are forced to revert a feature we recently added back to the way it originally worked. The Terms and Conditions will no longer show any formatted text. Due to a FileMaker limitation, formatted text does not work on the web. However we addressed this by using an alternative method, but unfortunately the alternative method is not supported by Internet Explorer and Edge and caused other issues. Therefore we have no choice but to remove formatting until FileMaker or Microsoft resolve these limitations.

Version 5.3.7

Fix: Excluding groups or individual resource items via Restrictions weren’t working as of 5.3.6.

Fix: Support / Maintenance renewal reminders were showing days remaining as negative numbers.

Fix: Clicking on a booking on either Week View or Day View screens that belonged to a borrower other than the current borrower, a blank dialog was shown instead of the booking information.

Fix: Users are correctly alerted when multiple same day bookings exist when clicking a booking via the Week View screen and that the Day View screen should be used instead.

Change: Increased the size of the fields ‘Privilege Set’, ‘Expiry Date’ and ‘Account Status’ on the Edit Privilege Set dialog.

Version 5.3.6

Fix: Borrowers with multiple Privilege Sets were able to borrow resources that were excluded via Privilege Restrictions.

Fix: Some web users were unable to log-in via the web and would incorrectly receive an error ‘A borrower record does not exist for you in BookingPOINT’.

Fix: Duplicating a Privilege Set would always duplicate the first one in the list no matter which one was being selected for duplication.

Fix: Selecting a borrower via the Bookings screen that had Restrictions for individual resource items to be excluded from being borrowed would cause the system to hang.

Fix: When web users logged in, users that had Restrictions for individual resource items to be excluded from being borrowed would cause the system to hang.

Fix: If a borrower had multiple bookings for the same resource on the same day, none of the bookings could be edited via the Day View screen. An error message was shown asking the user to select a booking for editing via the Day View screen even though the user was already on the correct screen.

Fix: The Terms and Conditions now correctly display formatting on the web.

Fix: Exporting Resources would sometimes not show the Resource Type at all or show an outdated Resource Type.

Change: Added ‘Notes’ field to Borrower import.

Version 5.3.5

Fix: After upgrading to 5.3.4 some users were asked to reenter their license code and it would not be accepted.

Fix: Day View screen showed the wrong shade of grey between 1AM and 2AM when closed.

Change: Overnight bookings can now be made via the Day View screen and Same Day bookings can now be made via the Week View screen; providing the Resource Type allows the booking.

Change: Extended the width of the Status field on the Borrow List screen.

Change: The field ‘Default Days for Overnight Bookings’ in Privilege Settings now defaults to 1 when creating a new Privilege or specifying an invalid value.

Version 5.3.4

New: Added the ability to choose your paper size for printing in Settings. Options are A4, Letter & Legal, with the default being A4.

Fix: The last update (5.3.3) only corrected the issue with corrupt Resource Types if corruption existed, however if corruption didn’t exist then version 5.3.3 could still potentially corrupt new Resource Types. This version fixes the issue.

Version 5.3.3

Fix: Anyone who updated from an older version to either version 5.3.2 or 5.3.1, may have corrupt Resource Types. Some Resource Types were using duplicate IDs and could not be renamed or deleted and showed up incorrectly on some Resources. The duplicate ID’s have been released and the affected Resource Types can now be edited and deleted. As such, some Resources and Borrower Privileges may now be pointing to the wrong Resource Types and we advise that you review all Resources and all Borrower Privileges to ensure they are all set correctly. We apologise for the inconvenience.

Fix: Printing the Resource List showed TypeID instead of the Resource Type.

Version 5.3.2

Fix: If a borrower was assigned to a privilege set that had restrictions where two or more groups were excluded, BookingPOINT would hang when viewing the borrower in the Booking screens.

Fix: When operators extended bookings, they were restricted by the maximum number of days a borrower could extend their own bookings rather than the maximum number of days an operator can extend the booking.

Fix: When borrowers extended their own bookings via the web, they were able to extend beyond the maximum number of days allowed.

Fix: The ‘Select a borrower’ pop-up dialog was retaining the old search criteria last used – it’s now being cleared each time the dialog is accessed.

Fix: The ‘Email Overdue / Suspension’ schedule wasn’t sending out emails.

Fix: The ‘Email Overdue / Suspension’ schedule reported an error in the Server log files that a script was missing when in fact it wasn’t.

Version 5.3.1

Change: Extended size of Resource Type lists in Privilege Settings dialog.

Change: [FileMaker 13+ Only] Table lists that have a blank last row for creating new entries no longer show a delete button since there’s nothing to delete.

Fix: The Booking dialog on the web when hosted by FileMaker 12 now show borders around time fields.

Fix: When importing Resources, new Resource Types that don’t exist in BookingPOINT are also created.

Fix: Exporting Resources now exports the resource Type not just TypeID.

Fix: Importing Resources no longer hangs.

Fix: Week View tab label is no longer being chopped off on Day View page.

Fix: Booking Resources that have restrictions on how many items a borrower can book at the one time for the Resource Type no longer gives an error when the restriction hasn’t yet been met.

Fix: Operators that don’t have full admin access can now correctly delete Resource Types in Privilege Settings dialog.

Fix: Operators that don’t have full admin access can now correctly delete Closed for Business entries.

Version 5.3.0

New: Block Outs now have a Type drop down with the options ‘Resource’, ‘Type’, ‘Group’ and ‘All’. A single Block Out entry can now apply to a resource, to a resource group, to a resource type, or to all resources. For example, a ‘Group’ Block Out applies to all resources within the same Resource Group and only needs to be edited once – previously every resource within the Resource Group had to have an individual Block Out.

New: As part of Restrictions, added the ability to exclude a resource group from being borrowed for a privilege set.

New: As part of Restrictions, added the ability to exclude an individual resource item from being borrowed for a privilege set.

New: Added the ability to restrict how many times a booking could be extended for a Privilege Set.

New: Added ‘Duplicate’ button to duplicate Borrower Privileges in Users/Security.

New: Added links to the ‘From’ and ‘To’ fields on the ‘Today List’ screens which takes the user to the borrowers Calendar.

New: Added ‘Ignore Closed Time’ checkbox in Privileges to allow certain borrowers to ignore closed times such as public holidays, term / semester breaks etc.

New: Added the ability to save a report as a PDF document via the Preview window.

New: Added new documentation for migrating from an old server over to a new server. See documentation folder.

Change: Borrower Usage report works more like Resource Usage report, i.e. via a date range search.

Change: Increased size of barcode field throughout the system.

Change: When clicking on the borrower ‘Choose’ button via the Pickup screen, it now only shows just the borrowers that have booked resources instead of all borrowers.

Change: When clicking on the borrower ‘Choose’ button via the Return screen, it now only shows just the borrowers that have resources in their possession instead of all borrowers.

Change: Start and End time on a Block Out are now optional, leaving them blank will block out the entire day.

Change: Creating new a Block Out is handled via a pop up window.

Change: Removed the redundant Block Out buttons ‘Apply to all in Group’, ‘Apply to all in Type’, which have been replaced with the option to specify a type against each Block Out entry.

Change: Operator name in Users/Security has been changed to one field for full name instead of two separate fields for First Name & Surname to make more room available.

Change: Previously, when using the Block Out buttons ‘Apply to all in Group’, ‘Apply to all in Type’, the current resources’ Block Outs were used to replace all the Block Outs for the Type or Group – which meant you couldn’t have different Block Outs for the individual resources within the Type or Group. Now each resource can have its own unique Block Outs, yet also share common Block Outs with the Type or Group.

Change: Bookings can now only be extended on the day the resources are due for return.

Change: Renaming Resource Types in Settings is now done directly via the field rather than having to click the ‘Rename’ button – the ‘Rename’ button has been removed.

Fix: The ‘Reset Password’ on the borrower screen failed to reset passwords sometimes.

Fix: Barcodes weren’t being imported when importing resources.

Fix: Resource Usage report wasn’t showing correct usage statistics.

Fix: Borrower Usage report wasn’t showing correct usage statistics.

Fix: Automatically removing spaces and carriage returns from Student Number and Barcode fields on Bookings screens and In / Out screens which would cause the values to not match.

Fix: When using the swap feature via the pickup screen, if you closed the dialog without making a swap the dialog would close but left the screen in a paused state.

Fix: When returning resources using the ‘Resources due for return’ option, all booked resources including those due for return on a future date were being returned instead of only the ones that were due for return today.

Fix: When searching for a borrower by both first name and surname via the ‘Choose borrower’ dialog box, no results were being returned.

Fix: Resources that don’t require pickup (i.e. rooms) were remaining in the system as ‘Booked’ and as such were being excluded from showing up in reports and in borrower history.

Fix: The ‘Show Resources’ filter on the Day View calendar would occasionally drop off resource types that were flagged only for same day bookings.

Fix: Restrictions dialog now sorts Resources and Groups alphabetically.

Fix: [Web Only] Resources weren’t being sorted on the web when performing a search.

Fix: When extending a booking that is due for return, an error message would state that the From date and From time can’t be changed even when they haven’t been changed.

Fix: Bookings could exceed the maximum number of days allowed when extending bookings multiple times in smaller batches.

Version 5.2.1

Fix: Changed the date format on the ‘Week View’, ‘Day View’, ‘My Upcoming Bookings’ and ‘Resources I have out on loan’ screens to show according to operating system settings. Perviously it would always show in DD/MM/YYYY format.

Fix: Scheduled emails and SMS messages weren’t being sent at all.

Fix: The Borrower name wasn’t showing up as text link on the Bookings List Detail screen.

Fix: Barcode fields in Resources and Borrowers will now clear out any unwanted carriage returns and spaces when importing from a data file, which was causing problems with scanning since barcodes didn’t match exactly.

Fix: Any existing carriage returns or spaces in the Resources Barcode field, the Borrowers Barcode field or Borrowers Student Number field will be cleared out with this upgrade.

Version 5.2.0

New: Added ability to attach photos to Borrowers.

New: Added Service History report which reports service bookings for a specified data range.

New: Added a button to select all / deselect all resources on the Pickup screen.

New: Added a button to select all / deselect all resources on the Return screen.

New: Added ability to specify SSL or TLS encryption for email accounts.

New: Added option to for SMS messages to send message as the email Body or email Subject when forwarding emails to the ‘Email to SMS’ gateway.

Change: Moved Borrowers’ Web Account Settings onto a separate tab called Web to make way for the photo field.

Change: Support / Maintenance expiry date now shows up in red when your plan has expired.

Fix: When editing an unsaved reservation or existing booking, resources that were restricted to a set number of bookings per time-slot would wrongly display an error stating the maximum number of bookings had been reached for the time-slot.

Fix: When editing an unsaved reservation or existing booking, resources that were restricted to a set number of bookings per period would wrongly display an error stating the maximum number of bookings had been reached for the period.

Fix: When picking up selected resources, clicking cancel would continue to flag the resources as picked up.

Fix: Sending test emails via Settings from accounts that required authentication failed.

Fix: When using the Filters “Show Cart”, “Show Loaned”, “Show Due” and “Show Upcoming” in the booking calendar, only the first 10 items would show.

Fix: Improved the Back button as it would sometimes go back to the same page twice in a row.

Version 5.1.2

Change: When editing Borrower Privileges, Privilege Set name and Default Booking Days are now required fields.

Fix: Web users were unable to save reservations – when clicking the Save Reservation button, nothing would happen.

Fix: When editing Borrower Privileges, if the Maximum Booking Days fields were left blank, making a booking would fail because a value was expected. Now if left blank, no restriction applies.

Version 5.1.1

Temporary: Due to a bug in FileMaker Server 13 where web users could not log out of BookingPOINT; a feature in BookingPOINT had to be disabled temporarily until FileMaker issue a fix. If the main window is resized, BookingPOINT does not restore the new window settings next time you log back in.

New: Added new fields for Model and Asset Number to resources. Updated import, export and advanced search to include the new fields.

Fix: Updated the the resource advanced search screen to include date acquired and date disposed fields.

Fix: When restricting the number of items a borrower can have out per time slot, BookingPOINT was counting the returned resources. It now excludes them.

Fix: Increased size of Barcode field on the Booking List printout.

Fix: Admin users can now log in via External Authentication using Active Directory / Open Directory. Users accounts need to be assigned to the ‘BookingPOINTuser’ group before they can gain access.

Version 5.1.0

New: BookingPOINT now works with the new FileMaker Server 13 web publishing engine (WebDirect).

New: Added Date Acquired and Date Disposed fields to resource import and export.

New: Added a new report called ‘Resources On Loan – By Borrower’ which reports all resources currently on loan grouped by borrower.

New: Added borrower name on the resource list screen.

New: Added ability to group resource list screen by borrower.

New: When clicking the ‘In / Out’ menu from the borrower detail screen, the last borrower viewed is pre-selected for the Pickup and Return screens.

New: Added ‘Send Test SMS’ button to Settings screen which sends a test SMS.

Change: Resource restrictions used to take precedence over Group and Type restrictions, and Group restrictions used to take precedence over Type restrictions. Now all Resource, Group and Type restrictions work independent of each other giving administrators more freedom.

Change: Sending test emails from Settings now validates the email address to minimise potential configuration issues.

Fix: Non-admin operators weren’t able to delete bookings via the Pickup screen.

Fix: If a booking was greater than the default days, but was less than the maximum booking days, a validation error occurred saying you cannot exceed the maximum days.

Fix: The last column on the calendar in Day View screen would sometimes show AM / PM incorrectly.

Version 5.0.5

New: Added new fields called ‘Pickup at’ in the Office Hours section in Settings, which is the default pickup time for new bookings. In the past it was using the ‘Return By’ field to set both the default pickup and return time for new bookings, where as now they can be configured separately.

Fix: When typing a student number on the Return screen, the resources were being returned automatically without presenting the items in the list.

Fix: Sometimes Supplementary Items could not be entered via the Pickup screen, an error message was shown saying the record was locked or in use.

Fix: When booking a resource for a borrower that had multiple privilege sets, the default booking days (i.e. the default duration) were being set incorrectly based on the wrong privilege set.

Fix: When booking a resource for a borrower that had multiple privilege sets, the maximum number of days for the resource was being picked up from the wrong privilege set.

Change: Previously, if the office hours close at 5PM then a Booking could not be set for a 5PM pickup. This is now allowed.

Version 5.0.4

New: Added Date Acquired and Date Disposed to Resources.

Fix: The “log out” button on the web would not log the user out unless it was pressed twice.

Fix: When changing passwords on the web, if the new password is the same as the old password, then an appropriate error message is shown.

Change: Improved password masking on the web when changing passwords.

Change: When a resource is in the cart, the resource name is highlighted in light blue like it did in version 4.

Change: Rearranged fields on the Resources screen. Merged Current Booking and Upcoming Bookings onto one tab.

Version 5.0.3

Fix: Fixed issue with pagination buttons on the web (i.e .First, Previous, Next, Last) where the button text itself was not clickable but only outside area of the the button was.

Fix: When importing borrowers, the web login accounts weren’t being created.

Fix: The shopping cart button was showing the wrong count of items when a recurring booking was in the cart.

Fix: Office hours end time was being shown as available on the calendar instead of closed.

Fix: When ‘ignore restrictions’ checkbox was on, the type filter wasn’t showing Show All, Show Cart, Show Loaned, Show Due and Show Upcoming filter items.

Fix: In some occasions, when creating a new Resource Type in Settings, the new type was not visible in the list until you restarted BookingPOINT.

Fix: Users on 24 hour time format could not specify the ‘Return By’ time on the Office Hours tab in Settings due to a validation error.

Fix: Windows users could not see the full time displayed in the drop down lists on the Office Hours tab in Settings.

Version 5.0.2

Change: The From time and To time drop down lists on the booking pop up window now only shows the time slots for the selected dates, whereas it used to show all time slots for the entire week regardless which date was selected.

Change: The From time and To time drop down lists on the booking pop up window now shows the end time – Eg. office hours end at 5:00 PM, the drop down now shows 5:00 PM, whereas the drop down list used to end at 4:45 PM.

Change: Returned the record navigation buttons, First, Prev, Next, Last – we removed them in 5.0, but they’re back.

Fix: Could not change the Type for a resource.

Fix: Bookings were able to be made outside office hours via the Week View calendar.

Fix: Fixed alignment issue of Resource field on the Loaned Resources tab in Borrowers.

Fix: Renaming resource types in settings wasn’t renaming them in Resources.

Version 5.0.1

Change: When creating a new booking for today, the from time defaults to the current time (rounded up to nearest 15 minute interval).

Fix: When swapping resources via the pickup screen, the swap resources window would not close when clicking the close button.

Fix: When clicking on a link within a any of the table list to view a related record, it would take you to a wrong record.

Fix: Some borrowers were unable to log in via the web with their existing user name and password. Likewise for new borrowers.

Version 5.0

New: Brand new interface design – the BookingPOINT interface has been completely overhauled and modernised.

New: Back / Forward buttons to navigate back and forth between pages just like a web browser.

New: Web users can now see which borrower has booked a resource by clicking on a booking. This is an optional feature that can be turned on or off via Settings. By default, it is on.

New: Quick search filed has been added to the list and entry screens.

New: Option to choose whether web users login in with their Student Number, Barcode or a custom login name. Especially useful for external authentication where custom login names are in use. Option can be set via Web tab in Settings.

New: Ability to reprint last loan agreement from pickup screen.

New: Serial Number field has been added to Kit Items.

New: Added import and export feature for Kit Items. There are new import and export buttons at the bottom of the Resources list screen.

New: Added an export feature for Bookings. There’s a new export button at the bottom of the Bookings list screen.

New: On the Week View and Day View screens, users can now choose to show all resources, show resources in the cart, show booked resources, show due resources and show upcoming bookings via the Resource Type drop down filter. This applies to web as well.

New: Admin operators can now ‘ignore restrictions’ via the booking popup window without needing to first close the window.

New: Added ability to search for resources on the Week View and Day View screens when there’s no borrower selected.

New: Added ability to view a booking via the Week View and Day View screens when there’s no borrower selected.

New: On the Week View and Day View screens, hitting the Enter key after typing the search criteria will perform the search. (Excludes web).

New: Upcoming Bookings tab has been added to resources screen; showing all upcoming bookings for the resource being viewed.

New: List screens can now be grouped in sections. A new checkbox called ‘Group Records’ has been added to the Borrowers List, Resources List and Bookings List screens. When activated, records will be grouped by the column that’s being sorted. NOTE: Only applicable to some columns and not others.

New: Added In/Out field on Today List.

New: Added ability to print Borrowers, Resources and Bookings (both list and detail pages).

New: Added a dark grey colour to calendar grid for both Week View and Day View. Dark grey shows time slots that can’t be booked over (i.e. blockouts, semester, term), whereas the original light grey colour shows time slots that can be booked over (i.e. weekends, public holidays).

New: Added Office Hours to web site on the initial Terms and Conditions page when user logs on via the web. Entry is done via Settings.

New: Added Office Hours to web site on the booking entry dialog.

New: On the Service Booking tab in Resources, you can see a list of upcoming scheduled services.

New: A new tab called ‘Service History’ has been added in Resources which shows a list of past services. NOTE: Prior to this version, service reason was not kept and therefore older service records wont show a reason, only new ones created from hereon.

New: Added ‘View All’ button to view all bookings via the Historical Bookings tab and Upcoming Bookings tab in Resources. Also, removed BookingID as a method to view a single booking; instead showing a ‘View’ button.

New: Added a new ‘Due’ field. The field shows whether the resource is due or overdue and how many days. If the resource is due today it shows the time it’s due. Overdue values are shown in red. The new field has been added throughout BookingPOINT.

New: Added ‘View’ button to view a single booking via the Upcoming Bookings tab, Loaned Resources tab and Historical Bookings tab in Borrowers.

New: Borrower column in Today List is now a link button that takes you the borrower record.

New: The From and To time can now be specified for service bookings.

New: Added a new ‘View’ button in Resources to go to the current booking record.

New: Added service reason to bookings detail screen.

New: Returned date & time has been added to the Historical Bookings tabs in both Borrowers and Resources.

New: Added a ‘Show Cart’ button on Week View and Day view screens which shows unsaved reservations that are in the ‘shopping cart’. The button shows a count of the reserved items.

New: Added option to add a logo to the loan agreement via Settings.

New: Added ‘Ignore Closed Time’ checkbox to Week View, Day View and Booking Window. When checked, all closed times such as block outs, week ends, public holidays, office hours etc. are ignored.

New: Added ‘Ignore Term Breaks’ checkbox as a borrower privilege set option, which will hide term breaks on the calendar for relevant borrowers and allow them to make bookings during term breaks.

New: Web users can now click on the resource name to view more information about the resource such as description and kit items, but only if the information exists.

New: Added a new option in Settings called ‘Auto select all bookings at Pickup’ – when checked, the ‘Pickup’ checkbox on the Pickup screen will be automatically selected for all bookings.

Change: FileMaker 10 and 11 are no longer supported, only FileMaker 12 is supported as of this version.

Change: In the past, a dialog would ask users if they wanted to save or loose the unsaved reservations before doing a new search while on the Week View and Day View screens. Now there’s no dialog when doing a new search and the unsaved reservations are kept.

Change: Colour coded all occurrences of the In/Out. Text is green if the resource is ‘IN’ and red if the resource is ‘OUT’.

Change: Searching by item name or barcode on the Week View and Day View screens has been combined into one search field.

Change: Added Group ID and Group Name to Resources export.

Change: When you click ‘ignore restrictions’ in the booking screen it will now retain the founds set and keep any active reservations.

Change: When swapping a resource at time of pickup, only bookings where an overlap exists will be swapped rather than all future bookings.

Change: The terms and conditions text on the web is now scrollable, i.e. a scroll bar appears if there’s more text.

Change: Added more room for Borrower Privileges in Settings area.

Change: Loan Agreement can now fit more items per page.

Change: Removed the Overdue Resources tab in Borrowers as the Loaned Resources tab now does the same thing since we’ve added the new ‘Due’ field which shows if the resource is due or overdue.

Change: When viewing resources being returned via the ‘View’ button on the ‘Return’ screen, Kit Items are now shown on the window.’Supplementary Items’ field and ‘Detail’ field are now larger and scrollable to show more info.

Change: Group Name field in Resources is now much wider to allow larger group names.

Change: Optimised code for minor performance increase.

Change: The minimum screen width has increased from 780px to 900px.

Change: Only Resource Types NOT flagged as ‘Requires Pickup’ can be booked outside office hours. (i.e. rooms that don’t require pickup can only be booked after hours)

Change: Web accounts were being created / updated only when the user left the borrower screen, now web accounts are created / updated immediately when the relevant fields are modified (i.e. student number, barcode or custom login).

Change: Reshuffled things around in Settings. Renamed ‘Pickup/Return’ tab to ‘Office Hours’, rearranged the whole screen, moved Closed For Business to Office Hours tab.

Change: The My Bookings tab on the web has been organised with two new sub-tabs ‘Upcoming’ and ‘On Loan’.

Change: The ‘Current Booking’ fields in Resources can now be searched.

Change: The Service Booking tab in Resources has been improved. The screen now shows current service details and scheduled services. The button that was used for booking a resource in for a service has been split into two separate buttons, one that books a resources into service immediately, and one that schedules a service at a later date.

Change: The current booking section in Resources now shows service bookings whereas they were never shown before.

Change: The Loan Agreement section in Settings has been rearranged.

Change: With the introduction of ‘Ignore Closed Time’ checkbox, any closed time restrictions (i.e. blackout, holidays, term, semesters etc.) that were handled by ‘Ignore Restrictions’ are now handled by ‘Ignore Closed Time’ instead.

Change: The calendar cells are much wider and easier to work with.

Change: When performing an advanced search, if no results are found the last set is restored rather than showing all records.

Change: Clicking the ‘Today’ button on the Day View calendar now takes you to the current time as well. For example, if it’s currently 1pm, then the calendar will start at 1pm, whereas it used to always start at 7am regardless of the current time.

Change: You cannot book resources overnight via the Day View calendar, only time based bookings. Likewise, you cannot book time based bookings via the Week View calendar, only overnight bookings.

Change: When creating a recurring booking, if any of them clash with exiting bookings or closed days then the clash is skipped and the rest of the recurring bookings are kept. In the past, all recurring bookings were cleared when a clash was detected.

Change: Added new menu item called “In/Out” and moved Pickup and Return screens over to new menu.

Change: When swapping resources or editing the supplement items via the Pickup screen, the Pickup checkbox will be automatically selected.

Change: Added quantity for Kit Items on Loan Agreement.

Fix: Barcode fields in Resources and Borrowers will now clear out any unwanted carriage returns and spaces, which was causing problems with scanning since barcodes didn’t match exactly.

Fix: If a borrower tried to extend a booking via the web when they didn’t have the privileges to do so, a message would appear and they would get stuck on the screen.

Fix: On rare occasions overdue email reminders were not being sent to borrowers.

Fix: Sometimes overdue emails would advise the borrower that they had non-pickup item overdue (eg. rooms).

Fix: When adding a new Resource Type to a borrower Privilege Set, you can now immediately edit it’s Restrictions. Previously the Restrictions window would display, but could not be edited until the windows were closed.

Fix: While editing a booked or reserved resource, if you got a validation error you would get stuck at the booking window.

Fix: When you had resource types with similar names, sometimes at the booking screen you could see resources that your privileges should not have allowed you to see.

Fix: Search results on the Week View screen would sometimes show resources belonging only on the Day View screen and vice versa.

Fix: The ‘Show All’ button on the Week View screen would sometimes show resources belonging only on the Day View screen and vice versa.

Fix: Clicking cells on the Day View screen would sometimes not register the mouse click correctly and fail to view / edit the booking.

Fix: The pickup select checkbox would sometimes auto select resources that don’t require pickup.

Fix: Barcode fields on Pickup and Return screens would sometimes trigger the search before all characters were inputted by the scanner.

Fix: Operators that were assigned to a privilege set other than the ‘Admin’ privilege set could not export records even if the permission was granted.

Fix: Navigating to the Resources module would go to the list screen rather than to the last screen you were viewing.

Fix: All usage reports now only show bookings that have been returned or currently on loan, excluding bookings yet to be picked up, missed bookings etc.

Fix: Navigating between Resources and Week View / Day View screens would loose the found set of records being viewed. Found sets are now retained.

Fix: Fixed an issue where borrowers with multiple privileges couldn’t book after hour bookings correctly.

Fix: Day View calendar was showing time that had passed as available for resources that can be booked outside office hours.

Fix: The calendar would show ‘Year End’ closed for business, but was ignoring the reopen date and showing all future dates as closed.

Fix: Bookings could be returned after ‘Year End’ closed for business if there was a reopen date – now all resources must be returned prior to year end.

Fix: Fixed cell alignment issue on web Day View calendar.

Fix: When last cell on Day View was clicked, user was able to make a booking and bypass closed for business which began the following day.

Fix: Sometimes web accounts were not being created web users could not log in.

Fix: Long dates were being chopped on the various booking tabs in Borrowers, increased field size.

Fix: Resources can no longer be booked over term breaks.

Fix: Block Out times now show on the week view calendar and cannot be booked over.

Fix: If the borrower doesn’t have permission to extend bookings, the ‘Ignore Restrictions’ feature will now allow the booking to be extended.

Fix: Resources can now be scheduled for a service at a later date.

Fix: Return screen wasn’t showing overdue items in the list when the option ‘Resources due for return’ was selected.

Fix: When importing resources with no barcode, the resources were being rejected. Resources with no barcode will now be imported.

Fix: When importing borrowers with no student number, the borrowers were being rejected. Borrowers with no student number will now be imported.

Fix: When importing resources, the Resource Type will now be created in Settings if it does not exist.

Fix: Restricting the maximum days a Resource Type or Group can be booked will now exclude days closed for business such as holidays and weekends.

Fix: If an admin user didn’t have ‘Edit’ rights for Borrowers or Resources, they were still able to edit related data (i.e. demerit points, kit items etc).

Fix: Borrowers were able to bypass term and semester breaks by specifying a return date which was two or more days after the reopen date.

Fix: Recurring bookings will now skip block outs rather than create a booking over them.