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BookingPOINT FileMaker 15 incompatibility

Hello BookingPOINT users,

We recently discovered that BookingPOINT currently does not work properly with FileMaker 15 due to changes to FileMaker.

More specifically, the visual booking calendar does not show bookings correctly. The cells may show the wrong colour giving the impression that a booked item is available and an available item is booked (until you scroll away and back again).

We are working very hard on a solution and have made good progress but we still have some work to do. We don’t know if this is caused by a FileMaker bug or if this is a permanent change to FileMaker Pro. If it is a FileMaker 15 bug, we’re hoping the issue will be resolved within the next update which we believe will be out pretty soon. Regardless we will continue to work on resolving the issue in the mean time.

We are advising customers to continue using older versions of FileMaker for the time being and not to upgrade to FileMaker 15. FileMaker versions 12, 13 and 14 are fine.

If you are purchasing new licenses of FileMaker, please feel free to purchase FileMaker 15 – however please note that you can also request FileMaker 14 which we beleive FileMaker will supply free of charge where existing solutions are not currenlty compatible with the new version of FileMaker.

We will keep you posted.


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