How to fix BookingPOINT Access Denied message on MacOS

If you are experiencing an Access Denied message within BookingPOINT on MacOS when logging on as an Operator, then here are a few tips how to fix the issue. Step 1. Remove automatic login If you are getting the Access Denied message without being prompted to enter a username and password then you may have saved your password to the MacOS Keychain. This allows you to automatically log in to BookingPOINT without being prompted for a password. At some point during the login dialog box, you may have selected the checkbox 'Save password in Keychain Access' as show below: If you deleted the Operator account within BookingPOINT, [...]

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Progress report for BookingPOINT FileMaker 15 Compatibility issue

It's been a while since we last updated everyone about how we're progressing with the BookingPOINT / FileMaker 15 compatibility issue. Back in September, we discovered a serious issue with FileMaker 15 that unfortunately caused compatibility issues in BookingPOINT. To cut a long story short, the calendar did not show booking information correctly. Bookings were shown either randomly at wrong dates / times, or not at all. We've advised customers not to use FileMaker Pro 15 and to stick with FileMaker 12, 13, or 14 for the time being. You can read more about the issue in our Blog post here: BookingPOINT FileMaker 15 incompatibility The [...]

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How to pluralise words within messages in FileMaker

I often see FileMaker developers mishandle pluralisation of words in dialog boxes or error messages. Well the problem isn't limited to just FileMaker developers of course, and you no doubt have come across error messages such as: "You cannot update 1 items." This is lazy programming as it does not handle pluralisation at all. It does not look professional to your users. Please don't be lazy. At the very least, you can pluralise the key word using brackets like this: "You cannot update 1 item(s)." But personally, I don't like doing this as this too, in my opinion is lazy. As you no doubt [...]

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